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Vegetalbrodo single-serving packets

Great vegetable taste! Vegetalbrodo is a vegetable-based granule product from Bauer. It contains only carrots, celery, tomato, parsley and onion, and iodized salt with no added monosodium glutamate

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In stock


Bauer’s special processing system keeps the original flavor of the vegetables and combines it with choice plant extracts. The result is an instant and tasty vegetable broth, rich in vegetables and gluten-free. Make instant delicately-flavored broths, or add to other dishes.
For broths: dissolve 4 g of Bauer Vegetalbrodo (1 packet) in 250 ml of boiling water and mix: the product is instant.
Other uses: add Bauer Vegetalbrodo to your desired taste in foods (soups, stews, sauces, vegan ragus, vegetable dishes, etc.) without adding more salt. Recipes will take on a new, more appetizing and tasty flavor.
The special “single-serving packet” format makes it easy to take with you, so you can prepare a cup of broth any time you want.

Ingredients: Soy and corn vegetable protein broth extract, iodized salt: 37%, palm oil, dehydrated porcini mushrooms: 7.9%, dehydrated vegetables in variable proportions (carrot, onion, potato, tomato, parsley, tomato, leek, garlic, celery): 3.9%, Extra-virgin olive oil: 3.6%.

Allergens Soy, Celery
Other characteristics: no added monosodium glutamate, no hydrogenated fats, gluten and lactose free
Package size: box of 18 single-serving packets

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